Quality Education STET - Sengamala Thayaar Educational Trust Women's College

Core Values



The institution works towards the attainment of the centre of Excellence with the following objectives

  • Freedom of teaching and discussion.
  • Freedom to carryout research.
  • Freedom for disseminating and publishing research findings.
  • Freedom for expression.
  • Freedom to participate in professional or representative academic bodies
  • Degree of self governance and hierarchical decision making by the institutions regarding their academic work ,standards, management and related activities; with the principles of equitable access, academic freedom, public accountability and social responsibility.
  • Institutionalization of the evaluation of the academic processes, performance and activities by the stakeholders; with due respect for academic freedom and institutional autonomy.
  • Permitting successful participation in higher education profession based on merit .No discrimination will be allowed on the grounds of race, gender, knowledge and religion and distinctions in the basis of economic, social, cultural and physical disabilities.
  • Institution with the obligation to seek and impart truth according to the ethical and professional standards and to respond to contemporary problems and needs of all the members of the society.