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  •        Motto                                 Self Development –Fellowship Through Service                               
  •        Formation                      1968
  •        Type                                    Service club
  •        Focus                                  Fellowship and Service
  •        Origins                              The Rotary International Family
  •       Area served                    World Wide
  •       Official Language       English, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian,                               
  •                                                         French, Spanish, German, Korean and Japanese      
  •       Website                              www.rotaract.org

Rotaract originally began as a Rotary International Youth program in 1968 and has grown into a major Rotary – Sponsored Organization of over 9,030 clubs spread around the world and 207,690 members. It is a service, leadership and community service organization for young men and women between the ages 18-30. Rotaract focuses on the development of young adults’ leaders in projects, in a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world.

             “Rotaract” stands for “Rotary in Action” Although   the   name originally comes from   a   combination of “Rotary” and “Interact” (international + action), the high school level program created by Rotary International in 1962. Most Rotaract activities take place at the club level. Rotaract clubs hold formal meetings, usually every two weeks, which feature speakers, special outings, social activities, discussions or visits to other clubs. Club members get together on designated days for service project work, social events, or professional/leadership development workshops.

               The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. To be eligible for membership, prospective members must be 18-30 years of age, shoe that they are committed to Rotaract and show that they are of good standing in the community. After being approved by the club prospective members are ‘inducted’ to become members, also known as ‘Rotaractors’. Clubs generally charge a small annual membership fee to cover costs.

Our vision is to be the premier Rotaract Club in the World as Recognized by Rotary International, citizens, Rotaractors and achieve a formidable position so as to enable us to provide more service to humanity.

  • To develop the best of the leaders using the non –conventional training simulations.
  • To carry the legacy of Rotaract and constantly empower our parent Rotary club to achieve its own goals.
  • To be the best Rotaract Club with a great blend of learning, community service and fun.
  • The main objective of establishing the rotaract, a student wing of rotary club, is an act of symbioses of students with the society. The club duly recognizes the student’s responsibility of the society /community, at the same time Endeavour’s to groom the leadership quality among the students.
  • To develop professional and leadership skills
  • To emphasize respect for the rights of others and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations
  • To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world
  • To motivate young people for eventual membership in rotary