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Chemistry Department



  • The department of chemistry was established in 2004. It offers B.Sc., and M.Sc Programme
  • The ‘Curie Club’ of the department is very actively and frequently organizing
  • seminar/ Conference/ Lecture/ Workshop. etc.
  • Initiated ‘Startup’ through Phenoyl and Sanitizer Making.
  • Mou signed with various Industries, Companies and Research Centre, such as Giran Global Chem’s Private ltd, Petro Gang Paints, Red med medical Services, Galileovasans offshore and Development Pvt Ltd, KRR Special Gas.
  • Faculty members were received funds from various funding agencies such as Seed money, TNSCST and published papers in reputed journals.
  • Green auditing is evaluated and maintained by Our Department.
Vision, Mission & Objectives of Biochemistry Department


To Empower the women students by providing excellent theoretical, practical and research skills in Chemistry to meet the global needs.


  • Providing quality education in the principles, theory and practice of Chemistry
  • Making the students to cope up with the requirements of industry and service sectors
  • Excelling in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and economic needs of the nation
  • To impart sufficient qualitative/quantitative analytical and synthetic chemical knowledge and skill of the students
  • To impart transferrable skills, abilities, and knowledge required in a wide range of careers in basic and applied research
Programmes Offered
S.NO Programmes Offered Programme code Year of Establishment
1 B.Sc., Chemistry 3USCHE   2004
2 M.Sc., Chemistry 2PSCHE   2007
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