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IPR Cell



The IPR cell plays an important role in the development of new knowledge and Innovation for the benefit of society. The IPR cell of Sengamala Thayaar Educational Trust Women’s College (Autonomous) was established on 12th February 2018 for creating ideas, innovations and discoveries of faculty, students, researchers and technical staffs and subsequent transfer of knowledge through extension services, training and commercial application. IPR cell is committed to encourage protect, manage and commercialize IPR property such as Patent, Copyright, Trademark etc generated through the Institution.

  • To create conducive environment for the creation of human resources in the development of Intellectual Property Rights.

To create awareness and provide guidance to academic and non-academic staff, students, research scholars, institution related industries on the rules and practices of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • To create awareness about the IPR for faculties and students of Institution.
  • To motivate the activities of the institution that could result in IPR products.
  • To conduct Workshops, Seminar, Faculty Development Programme, Training and Quiz on IPR.
  • To train the teachers and students to acquire skill in applying and processing for IPR instruments.
  • To support common people to obtain protection for their inventions / innovative ideas.