Quality Education STET - Sengamala Thayaar Educational Trust Women's College

Student Council



The institution has prepared guidelines to promote the students’ leadership qualities through the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities by appointing them as members and office bearers in various organisations, committees and including academic bodies. The students have actively involved and participated in the committees and they have showed remarkable achievements. In addition to that the students have been motivated and facilitated to attend the regular functioning of the institution, policy making process in relation to academic and administration, campus discipline etc. An active Student council is present with students being appointed as President, Vice-president, and Secretary of the college and Secretary for Fine Arts Association, Sports and Games, N.S.S, NCC and similar officer bearers for the other Part V activities such as Students’ EXNORA, YRC, RRC, Rotaract club and for other committees such as WECAN, Anti Ragging Committee, Cybercrime Awareness Club etc. In addition to that the students have been appointed as member in the IQAC and Academic council. In fact, the college is publishing a biannual newsletter exclusively for students’ forum, in which the students are appointed as member in the editorial board. The students have also been appointed as committee in-charge for hostel stores.