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Education for transformation and excellence can be attained if it is adequately supplemented and supported by research and development.

Promotion of Research

Research is a strategic requisite in academic life of a teacher. As such, many of our faculty are actively engaged in conducting research and making publication of 640 number of articles with a score of 411 impact factor and are involved in carrying out research projects through the institution. Considering the significance of research, the management promotes research in all possible ways.

Research and Development Cell

Research and Development Cell of the STET Women’s College was inaugurated on 27.07.2011 by
Dr. R. Saravanamuthu, Director, R&D Cell.

To provide quality education by kindling the curiosity in research and to develop novel principles, processes and products so as to transit our excellence to scientific world.

  • Motivating teachers and students to have enthusiasm for carrying out research.

  • Conducting periodical workshops and seminars to develop knowledge on novel modern technologies.

  • Creating awareness and approaching the funding agencies for monetary transactions.

  • To create centers of Excellence in niche areas of research.

  • To provide a common platform for the agglomeration of knowledge and ideas of personnel for learning enrichment.

  • To create opportunities for students and exploit the available resources to the benefit of industry/ society.

  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial –Institution interface.

  • To encourage participation in the national agenda of knowledge building.

  • To encourage the research participation.

  • To promote our Institute as a major resource center.

  • To promote research from the individual departments of the Institute.

Details of the Members of R & D Cell

Research and Development Cell

Commitee Members

S.No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Dr. S. Amudha Chairperson, Principal,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
2 Dr.V.Dhivaharan Management Member,Correspondent,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
3 Dr.B.Kayathribai Vice principal and Head,Dept. of Commerce,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
4 Dr.N.Uma Maheswari Vice principal and Head,Dept. of Microbiology,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
5 Dr.M.Kannahi Director, Research and Development Cell,Assistant Professor,Dept. of Microbiology,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
6 Dr.R.Anuradha Assistant Professorand Head,Dept. of Biochemistry,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
7 Dr.K.Kandavel Assistant professor,Dept. of Microbiology,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai
8 Dr.R.Anitha Assistant professor,Dept. of Computer Science,STET Women’s College (Autonomous), Sundarakkottai

External Members

S.No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Dr.K.Emmanuvel Rajan Professor, Department of Animal Science,
Bharathidasan University,
Tiruchirappalli – 620 024 Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
Phone (Office) : +91 431-2407040,Mobile : +91 9791736009
E-mail(s) : emmanuvel1972@yahoo.com and emmanuvel@bdu.ac.in
2 Dr.S. Kannan Professor and Head,Department Of Zoology,
Science Block III, 3rd Floor
Periyar University, Salem.
Main Entrance, Karuppur, Tamil Nadu, India
E –mail Id: sk_protein@periyaruniversity.ac.in
3 Dr. N. Thajuddin D.Sc., FRSB. Professor, Department of Microbiology,
School of Life Sciences, Bharathidasan University,
Tiruchirappalli – 620 024
Mobile : 98423 79719 ; 77083 79719
E.Mail : nthaju2002@yahoo.com / nthaju2002@bdu.ac.in
4 Dr.V. Vinod Kumar Professor and Head,Department of English,
Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli – 620 024 Tamil Nadu, INDIA ,
Phone (Office) : +91 431 2407055 Mobile : +91 9443995201,
e-mail(s) : vinod@bdu.ac.in
5 Dr. Ganaesan Professor, Department of Economics, Bharathidasan University,
Tiruchirappalli – 620 024 Tamil Nadu,
Phone (Office) : +91 4312333685, Mobile: +919894436257
e-mail(s) :ganesan.l@bdu.ac.in/l.ganesan2008@gmail.com
6 Dr.S.Manoharan Professor,Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology,
Annamalai university, Chidambaram,
E- Mail id : sakshiman@rediffmail.com
7 Dr.V.Ambikapathy Associate Professor,PG and Research Department of Botany and Microbiology,
A.V.V.M Sri Pushpam College (Autonomous), Poondi, Thanjavur,
Phone: 7904473467
E – mail id: drva1967@gmail.com
8 Dr.M. Govindarajan Assistant Professor,Department of Zoology,
Government College for Women (Autonomous)
Kumbakonam-61200, Thanjavur (Dt), Tamil Nadu.
Mobile No : 9585265999
E-mail Id : drgovind1979@gmail.com
9 Dr.J.Pandiyan Assistant Professor,Dept. of Zoology and Wild Life Biology,A.V.C.College,Mannampandal,Mayiladuthurai.
Mobile no: 9486598469
E mail : dunlinpandiyan@gmail.com

Activities of R&D Cell

  • Periodical meetings with research guides and scholars.
  • Training the research scholars to give power point presentations for monitoring their research progress.
  • Conducting periodical Doctoral Committee Meeting for research scholars.
  • Motivating faculties and students to mobilize funds from government agencies for research.
  • Organizing research oriented seminars and workshops for improving research activities.
  • Hands on training programmes to improve self employability.
  • Training on Bioinstrumentation to handle advanced instruments by other major students.
  • Conducting certificate courses ‘Bioinstrumentation’ and ‘Microscopic techniques’ for the UG and PG students of Life Sciences.
  • Motivating the students to publish their research articles in journals with high impact factor.
  • Publication of research papers by faculties in Scopus indexed and with high impact factor journals.
S.No Title of the Programme Resource Person
  Faculty Development Programme  
1 Research Proposals and Funding Agencies Dr.J.Pandian,
    IQAC External Member,
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Zoology and Wildlife Biology,
     AVC Colleg, Mayiladuthurai
2 Applications of SPSS in Research Dr.J.Pandian,
    IQAC External Member,
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Zoology and Wildlife Biology,
     AVC College, Mayiladuthurai

3 How to write Thesis? Dr.R.Saravanamuthu,
    R& D Director,
    STET Women’s College,

Activities of R&D Cell Report

R&D Cell Report