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Nutrition & Dietetics



STET’s Department of Nutrition & Dietetics was established in 1996 as the first Department of Nutrition and Dietetics under the Bharathidasan university. Since the inception, the Department has played a vital role in establishing Nutrition as an academic subject and encouraging public interest in the food we eat and its effect on our health.


The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics is at the forefront in teaching Food and Nutritional Science related subjects, with a reputation built over for more than sixteen years as a leader in this arena of study under the roof of the Bharathidasan University.


The curriculum of undergraduate program in Nutrition & Dietetics (N&D) and postgraduate programme in Food Service Management and Dietetics (FSMD) are structured and designed by Board of Studies of the Bharathidasan University. The focus area of research of the department is mainly based on the fundamental scientific principles and their application to ensure to address the concern of the consumers, government and industry. Students are ultimately motivated to demonstrate applied excellence in their specialized area, as well as professionalism, flexibility, the ability to adapt to team work situations, creativity and innovation towards a food product development. This programme is designed to provide intensive practice with regard to dietetic and food industry with ultimate motive of preparing the students as a quality human resource in the vibrant and expanding sector of food, food safety and food security.


The department continues to explore the effect of food in health and quality of life. There are three main areas of research which include public health, the therapeutic basis of nutrition and eating disorders. The Department has witnessed phenomenal growth from an undergraduate to post-graduate department with a strong potential to grow up to the research level in due course of time. Besides being a constituent of the premier institution, the Department is fortunate enough to have MOU signed with various hospitals, institutions and industries for the development of infrastructure, towards strengthening teaching and research.

Vision, Mission & Objectives of Nutrition & Dietetics Department

The exuberance of scientific innovation and technological orientation make us to think how we could go ahead for further research prospects and hence the vision of department is

  • To Provide Value based education in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition to the Rural women students towards the wellbeing of society.


  • To provide a distinctive program of study in all the areas of the Nutrition and Dietetics within a traditional liberal arts setting

  • To impart knowledge and train the students in Nutrition & Dietetics, Value Addition, Food production, management and Safety.


  • To build a programme on the foundation of food and to develop an appreciation for current issues in Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • To offer solid knowledge in biology and chemistry which is applied to studies of food and nutrient metabolism?

  • To prepare the students to work effectively with individual’s families and communities to plan, develop and manage relevant nutrition programmes.

Programme Outcome

  • Critical Thinking: Ability to engage in independent and reflective thinking in order to understand logic connections between ideas.

  • Effective Communication: Development of communication skills for effectively transmitting and receiving information that focuses on acquiring knowledge, problem solving, thereby paving the way for better employability and entrepreneurship.Students can discover own individual creativity

  • Social Consciousness: Acquire awareness towards gender, environment, sustainability, human values and professional ethics and understand the difference between acting, responding and reacting to various social issues.Students are able to develop rational thinking.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Combining various academic disciplines and professional specializations for understanding of complex situations.Students gain knowledge about economic theories and develop decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Subject Knowledge: Acquiring knowledge at a higher level that would help to develop the necessary skills, at national and global developmental needs.

  • Lifelong Learning: Understanding the necessity of being a lifelong learner for personal enrichment, professional advancement and effective participation in social and political life in a rapidly changing world.

Programme Specific Outcome

  • Understand the basic concepts of Food Science, Nutrition, Dietetics, Biochemistry, Food Service management, Microbiology and Entrepreneurship.

  • Outline the physiology and anatomy of human organ systems.

  • Gain an insight into theoretical and practical aspects of Food Science.

  • Apply the theoretical and practical knowledge in nutrition and dietetics in various physiological, therapeutic and special conditions.

  • Communicate effectively in the context of nutrition, both individually and as part of a team for an organisation and community.

  • Recall the metabolic pathways & Critically evaluate the biochemical parameters, pathophysiology and drugs required in various disorders affecting the organ system.

  • Learn the microbiological and rheological aspects of various food commodities and its applications in food industry.

  • Conduct subject related dissertation using appropriate research methods, ethical procedures and data analysis.

  • Create abilities for being a successful entrepreneur and to bring awareness regarding the supporting institutions and organisations.

  • Demonstrate Professional attributes required to manage the facet of Hospitality Industry, Hospital, Food Industry and Community welfare Organisations.

Faculty Details


Assistant Professor and Head


Dr. S.Vishnupriya

Assistant Professor


Ms R.Vijayalakshmi

Assistant Professor


Ms R.Kaviyarasi

Assistant Professor


Ms V.Anitha

Assistant Professor


Ms .G.Uthaya

Assistant Professor


Ms A. Vidhya

Assistant Professor





Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur.

Training programmeand Research Project



Mennakshi Hospital,Near New Bus Stand,Trichy Road

Dietetic Internship



Swiss Garnier Life Science, Chennai.

Project Training and Development



Kovai Medical Centre & Hospital, Coimbatore.

Dietetic Internship



INMA International Ltd.,

Project Designing and Development



Dr.CAK Polyclinic, Mannargudi.

Dietetic Training